15" Gold Plated/Copper Avalokiteshvara Statue


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This one of a kind Avalokitsvara Statue is hand made in Nepal with Copper and gold plated. This statue is15 Inches tall, 10.5 Inches wide and weighs 4.82 lbs. Avalokitsvara means "the lord who looks upon the world with compassion". His head splits to eleven pieces to comprehend the needs of many beings. Amitabha Buddha seeing his plight, gives him eleven heads with which to hear the cries of the suffering. Upon hearing these cries and comprehending them, Avalokiteśvara attempts to reach out to all those who needed aid, but found that his two arms shattered into pieces. Amitābha Buddha comes to his aid and invests him with a thousand arms with which is known to relieve all the beings from suffering.

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