Nirvana Handicrafts is an online retail and wholesale store for Tibetan and Nepali handicrafts based out of Fort Worth, TX. Growing up in Bouddha (Nepal) and helping my family’s Handicrafts store since I was a kid, I (Samritee Shakya) always wanted to be in the Tibetan and Nepali Handicrafts business. My family has been in this handicrafts industry for more than 30 years now and are specialized in metal handicrafts like handmade statue, singing bowls, bells and dorjes, mandala, tingsas, thangka and other buddhism ritual items. During my trip to Nepal in 2014, my family introduced me to several Tibetan and Nepali artisans and I was very touched by their amazing work. So, my husband and I decided to introduce their amazing skills to USA and now we work very closely for customizing various kinds of Buddhism related products. Also, we decided to contribute a portion of our profit to such artisans to encourage their amazing skills and sponsor to educate children in Nepal who cannot afford to go to school.