11.5 " Tashi Tage Mandala Plate


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This beautiful Mandala is 11.5 Inches in diameter and weighs 0.65lbs. This mandala can be used in Mha- Puja, ritual ceremony of Newar people to empower and purify soul as a part of New Year’s celebration. Literal meaning of Mha-Puja is “worship of the self” for prosperity and longevity of the participants. This Mandala has 6 circles starting from the center and 8 auspicious symbols/ Asthamangal/ Tashi Tage on the outer part. These 6 circles are decorated with red rice, black lentil, black soybean, unhusked rice and puffed rice as per family tradition. Once the ritual is completed, this Mandala can be used as decorative piece.

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